Chinese new year at the inn at west view farm

This past month we celebrated Chinese New Year with four nights of banquet dinners.  Some photos of the event are posted below.  Too busy to take many photos but we will aim to do better next year.

Chinese New Year reservations fill up pretty quickly so if you would like to notified about next year's Year of the Rooster 2017 drop us an email at and we will keep you posted.



Harold McGee's Pasta Cooking Method and Cheddar Carbonara

Noted food scientist, Harold McGee, recently demonstrated how pasta can be cooked in a shallow pan starting with cold water and without stirring.  Many people doubted that this would be possible without sticking, developing to much starchiness and/or resulting in an end product that was less desirable than the traditional cooking method.  Watch the video to find out what my results were.

I really had no purpose for cooking the pasta except that I wanted to see if the method worked or not.  Since I shot this at breakfast time, I had cheddar, bacon and eggs in front of me so I decided to make a carbonara breakfast.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2015- Year of the Yang (羊)

Join us for our annual Chinese New Year Banquet Dinner - February 19, 20, 21 and 22.  Call for reservations (802) 867-5715.

Confused as to whether it's the Year of the Sheep / Ram or Goat? Yang (羊) in Chinese refers to various horned ruminating animals.  So, you can decide for yourself.

Great Lakes of Vermont

You would think after living here for fifteen years that we would have discovered all the wonderful outdoor activities there are in Vermont but we haven't.  This year we have discovered many beautiful nearby lakes.  I always imagined that the lakes in the area would be small and pretty uninteresting but boy was I wrong.

As I spend much of my day on my feet, I was looking for a sport that took me off my feet and kept me outside.  Kayaking seemed like a good choice.  A great workout with great views and a host of cool gear to buy.  What more could you ask for?  In the month or so that we have had our kayaks, we have been out numerous times and continue to get more recommendations for lakes we need to visit.  So much to see.

Next time you visit Vermont, please do continue to bike and hike but try also to discover Vermont's Great Lakes.  I've always wondered where all those cars with kayaks and canoes on top were going. Now, I know.

December 24th - Christmas Eve

GIVING TUESDAY! Merry Christmas Eve! We welcomed Bob into our family on December 21st. We adopted him from Second Chance Animal Center. He will be the best present under the tree (in the tree, knocking over the tree...). For every like Bob gets, we will donate $1 to Second Chance Animal Center, up to $100. Please help his friends still at the Center and the caring people who work there.