rich marantz

It takes an expert village to make a tai chi video.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to work with Rich Marantz on his project to create tai chi instructional videos for A filmmaker, Joseph, was sent to Manchester to film this 8 part series, each with 16 segments.

The filming was done over two days. In it Rich covered many of the Yang style postures, corresponding exercises, tai chi for seniors, martial applications and two-man drills. Rich's ability to do all these segments in a largely unscripted format and with limited retakes is a tribute to both his devotion to tai chi and his expertise in this art. I participated mainly as a partner in the two-man drills and as the crash test dummy in the martial applications.

These videos, hopefully, will prove to be useful to current students as a reference and also to prospective tai chi students.

Expert village's turnaround time is about two months from the time the videos are filmed. So stay tuned...