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cooking class 2012/1/24 (11 photos)More photos from Inn at West View Farm

A fun/fine cooking class taught by the Inn at West View Farm boys on behalf of the Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning.  Class was held at the Weigand/Holland residence in Pawlet, Vermont.
The menu consisted of moo shu duck, sheng jian bao, lemongrass soup and scallops with chinese spinach.

cooking class 2012/1/24 (11 photos)
More photos from Inn at West View Farm

Fun with your Toaster

I saw a picture a little while ago of someone making a grilled cheese sandwich in a toaster lying on it's side.  Seemed like a good idea, so I gave it a try.

End product wasn't as good as I had hoped.  Tomatoes and cheese didn't quite get that grilled, charred quality that I was looking for.  I had to bail on the cooking time once the bread started to burn.  If I try this again, I would put the toaster setting to ONE (less burn, more melty) or maybe I'll try just plain old grilled cheese (less thickness).  The sandwich was still delicious.  It also feels more healthy.  You are limited in the amount of fat you can use.  In an effort not to burn down your house, I wouldn't recommend slathering your bread with butter for this project.  I drizzled some olive oil on top to finish the sandwich. In a pinch this technique is great as you don't have to turn on your stove, oven, broiler, or griddle.  A hidden benefit is all the crap that was in the bottom of the toaster winds up falling out so you get a clean toaster to boot!

***Remember this is (or at least it seems) a little sketchy.  I am a trained professional so I know about lying toasters on their sides!  Be careful.  Also, if you have one of those toasters that squeeze the bread in the slot, you're out of luck.

Eat Like a Man cookbook

We are on Pages 40 and 41.  Nice, useful cookbook.

From Chronicle Book's Website-
So long, dude food. Most men who love food have a roasting pan and a decent spice rack, but they're still looking for that one book that has all the real food they love to eat and wish they could cook. Esquire food editor Ryan D'Agostino is here to change that with his unapologetically male-centric Eat Like a Man—a choice collection of 75 recipes and food writing for men who like to eat, cook, and read about great food. It's the Esquire man's repertoire of perfect recipes, essays on how food figures into the moments that define a man's life, and all the useful kitchen points every man needs to know. Satisfying, sexy, definitive, and doable, these are recipes for slow Sunday mornings with family, end-of-the-week wind-down dinners with a lady, Saturday night show-off entertaining, poker night feeds, and game-day couch camping. Or, for when a man is just hungry.

Shanghai Zhongzi

Our adventure in recreating savory Shanghai style Zhongzi. We haven't attempted to make this since my Grandmother was alive.

We have started with the objective of making 100 pieces. Our planned inventory so far is:
10 pounds of sweet rice
20 pounds of pork belly
4 packs of bamboo leaves
Soy sauce (we are going by we will have to work this out)
White wine???

This is a two day project. Marinating the meat and the rice a day ahead is preferred. Tomorrow, we will begin assembly. We are planning for a minimum of four hours for simmering. I am assuming we will need to begin folding by noon, in order to have dinner ready by seven.