happy new year

Happy New Year and 吃 苦

Happy New Year to All!!!

The holidays are a challenging time for us in the hospitality biz.  It is without a doubt our busiest time of the year.  A recurring Chinese phrase "chi ku" (吃 苦) or "eating bitter" kept popping into my head as the week went on.  Eating bitter is a metaphor for suffering.  In Chinese Yin/Yang theory, you can't taste the sweet unless you know what bitter tastes like.  Fatigue starts to take over as the holiday season progresses, yet somehow it is okay, as we are often left with a heartfelt thank you from our guests who recognize and appreciate the week's daunting challenge.  

Thanks to our guests, during the holidays, we are fortunate to get a taste of bitter and sweet at the same time.    

Amuse Bouche- Shrimp Shot
Foie Gras and Moulard Duck with Cranberry and Rosemary

Paige and Luen banging out Black Forest cakes.  Not easy, thank you!