Austria's Infamous Sacher-Torte

I have never been to Austria but last night we were treated to an original Sacher-Torte which was flown in from Vienna.  Clarissa Lennox treated us all to a fabulous dinner which concluded with the infamous torte.

The Sacher-Torte originated in 1832 at the behest of the German-Austrian politician, Klemens Wenzel Metternich.  Metternich ordered a special dessert be made for some very important guests.  Dass er mir aber keine Schand' macht, heut' Abend! ("Let there be no shame on me tonight!"), he is reported to have declared. When the head chef became ill, the responsibility for the dessert's creation fell to a 16 year old apprentice named Franz Sacher.  Sacher's dessert was an overwhelming success and remains, 175 years later, as one of the world most famous desserts.

The cake is characterized as a chocolate cake with apricot glaze, and a chocolate ganache.  The torte is served simply with unsweetened whipped cream.

Stay tuned....we are attempting to recreate this dessert.