What is Random?

Last night reminded us of the seemingly randomness in which events of our lives and others somehow become intertwined. A longtime guest of our restaurant ordered a Henny Penny, a drink which we knew but wanted to confirm it's exact preparation. Christal googled Henny Penny to find out and came across the following NY Times article on the last days of La Caravelle (a restaurant I have always admired).


The article bizarrely enough speaks of the guest in our restaurant who ordered the Henny Penny. The article happily gave us a hint as to how remarkable this women's life must have been.

Last summer, guests mistakenly reserved a room at our Inn instead of the Dorset Inn. At breakfast they noticed that in one of the articles written about the Inn that the chef was Raymond Chen. They oddly began questioning Christal about my family and I. My dad's name is also Raymond Chen. As it turned out they were very good friends of my parents when we lived in Queens and had baby sat me when I could barely walk.

The above is a picture of Christal and I while in Bretagne in 1999. We happened to notice it in the NY Times on a Sunday while we were sitting around waiting for my niece to be born. I saw the article and said to Christal, "Oh look, there's the area of France we visited," and "Oh look, there's the restaurant we went to." Then I turned the page. Christal said, "go back, I think we're in that picture." Sure enough, it was us. How easily could this have been overlooked?

So is it random or something greater?