Saturday Nights Alright!

We live in a world of opposites. Those of us working in the restaurant world see their weekends usually as some part of the midweek. I'm often talking to friends on Monday going thank god it's Friday (I'm off Tuesday and Wednesday) with them going it really is Monday, you @#$%#.

You get accustomed to working when most people are celebrating which I believe is a difficult thing for anyones mind to embrace. This means when people are celebrating, we are working our hardest. So am I preaching sour grapes, NO!

While this is difficult, you learn to treat busy weekends, holidays, parties as challenges, endurance races if you will. I have always heard the Broadway show reference with regard to restaurants, but I have never been in a show and have no idea what that means. I have been in many endurance races so this is my point of reference.

In this world of opposites, we complain when it is too busy and clamor when it is too slow, but it isn't until it's brutally busy do we get our chance to see our real selves and given a chance to shine. No time to put on a brave face, only time to BE brave. Orders come in so quickly that you don't think it is possible for you to handle it. Yet you do and the dishes come out great. This is when you reflect upon what you do and say this is special. This is what I do, I do it well and I don't give up! A lot like racing.

When I first started out, a cook pointed to the chef and said, "you know why he continues to do this all these years?" I assumed it was passion for the food but the cook said, " every other job would seem boring to him, it's like a drug." Again, a lot like racing.

bon anniversaire, richard tete!