You can lead a Camel to Water but.....

it won't drink Egyptian wine.
In the bizillion years Egypt has had to perfect wine, what happened? I thought maybe my memory had failed me but wasn't Egypt an original pioneer in wine making?
I googled wine and Egypt and low and behold Osiris is in fact (?) a pioneer either in wine making and/or consumption.

"It is in Egypt where we must go for our fullest knowledge of man's early and deliberate growing of wine." Plutarch said that he was told that Osiris was the first to drink wine and to teach men how to plant the vine.

After drinking Egypt's modern day wines, I don't know what to make of this proverb. Maybe you don't want to see the garden.

"In water you see your own face, but in wine the heart of its garden"
ancient Egyptian proverb

If you see these wines in your travels be well advised to stay away!!!!

Drink the beer, Stella or Sakkara. If you don't like beer, drink the beer , Stella or Sakkara.