Braised Short Ribs

These ribs have been on the menu since the opening of the restaurant. I tried to take them off the menu for a while with somewhat hostile results. So now they are a fixture. We often take the oldies but goodies for granted but eating some the other day reminded me of just how good they are. There is no great secret to a great braised dish except you have to braise slowly and it's always better the next day, allowing the meat and sauce to cool together overnight. In our 'I need it NOW!' world, having dinner cook slowly in the oven for four or five hours is untenable. So you have to embrace the slower is better mentality (for this anyway). With that in mind, it's good for the home cook without a lot of time to make more than you need and freeze the leftovers. Portion out each serving in ziplock bags with some sauce and freeze. When you want to eat just drop the bag in some boiling water.
One of our regular customers was nice enough to request this recipe from Bon Appetit. This appeared in the April 2007 issue in the RSVP section.
The only difficulty in preparing this dish is being able to find this cut of meat. Often you will find flanken which is the right cut but it's too thin. We use two or three bone ribs which are cut 2 inches wide. You will probably need to make friends with your butcher (if you can find one anymore) and have him butcher it for you.
As it is often said, recipes are just guidelines. Be brave and experiment with different meats (fatty and tough), wines (red or white), beer, spice, herbs, etc. All will yield a superb product (alright not all) as long as solid cooking techniques are followed.
Go slow with your braises and you will be rewarded!!!