Evolution of a Dessert

The dessert in the photo was our New Year's Eve dessert for 2007. The plan initially was to do individual tiramisu in chocolate bags. The bags proved to be too difficult for us to produce with any great consistency. So the chocolate band replaced the bag. This was done quite simply by painting acetate with a chocolate and butter mixture and then hardening it into our desired shape. While experimenting with the design, we didn't have enough Kahlua so we used Amaretto as a replacement. An Amaretto-mascarpone cream was made and an Amaretto soaking liquid was created. Two little discs of a classical Pan di Spagna were used as the cake layers. At this point of development, we tasted what would ultimately be the core of the dessert, and decided we really liked the almond flavors. We then decided to add toasted almonds, mixed berries and a raspberry sauce to finish the dessert. For the final product, we added a little Kahlua in the soaking liquid to add a subtle dimension and to pay homage to the desserts secret origin.

Photo to the left is the production during dinner service for New Year's Eve. The poor girl in the photo had to make 100 of these.