Happy Chinese New Year

We celebrated the New Year with three nights of special banquet dinners on February 6, 7 and 8 at the Inn. It always strikes me as being odd that I'm doing these dinners here in VT. It is a nice change for us in the kitchen to swap out our French steel pans for big old woks. The only time butter is no longer within arms reach.

Our menu while not necessarily a traditional New Year's menu, does attempt to capture the essence of many of the dishes I have grown up with.

The menu was as follows:

Pickled daikon, cucumber and seaweed
Pan fried chicken & shitake dumplings and pork & cabbage springrolls
Winter melon soup with Smithfield ham
Tempura shrimp with broccoli and honey mayonnaise
Chicken sang choy bao
Beef with scallions
Long beans with tofu
Pork mantou with cucumbers
Bass baked in brik dough (stuffed inside were julienned ginger, ham and scallions)
Fried rice
Almond gelee with mixed fruit