Char Siu Bao

Attempting to re-create the Chinese classic- Char Siu Bao. This is one of the only Chinese foods my niece will eat. It must be good!

The Char Siu on the left is from our favorite local place on Long Island and the one on the right is our creation.

Both have top notch flavors with subtle differences. Note the difference in colors; the one brought up to VT from LI is whiter due to the use of bleached flour. While I'm fond of the snowy white color, I like that the flour we are using is King Arthur's flour and has not been bleached. The LI version is also a little puffier which I like so we will still be working on this. Yeast or self rising cake flour may be the missing link.

I should note that we did make the char siu with lee kum kee brand char siu sauce. Having worked in Chinese kitchens, I suspect that most are using some prepared product as the marinade. We used pork tenderloins, cut into strips and marinated over night. In order to achieve the slightly charred quality of traditional char siu, I not only cooked the pork in the oven but charred them in a salamander.