Healthy Vermont

The American Public Health Association came out with their rankings of the healthiest and least healthy states. The following is from their website:

Vermont Leads Rankings With Statewide Healthy Behavior Changes
America’s Health Rankings™ 2008 edition shows Vermont as the healthiest state for the second year in a row. A broad range of health initiatives have made it possible for Vermont to make progress in areas where the rest of the country needs the greatest improvement. Within the state, the prevalence of smoking has declined to 17.6 percent of the population, there is a slower rise in obesity than the U.S. national average, and the number of people without health insurance remains low.
Vermont leads the nation for all health determinants measured. Vermont was ranked 16th when the first edition of America’s Health Rankings™ was released and has been climbing steadily in the rankings for the last eight years. Strengths include a low percentage of children in poverty, ready access to primary care for residents, a high rate of high school graduation, and high immunization coverage. Over the last year, Vermont has increased its per capita public health funding by 49 percent. Since 1990, the statewide prevalence of smoking has decreased by 43 percent and the infant mortality rate has decreased by 37 percent.