Peking Duck

This is one of those life long dishes that we chefs torment ourselves over seemingly forever. I have enjoyed Peking duck since my first banquet dinner. But to create it for restaurant service has been a challenge. In my opinion, roasting a whole duck and serving half of it, as is found in many restaurants, is not optimal. Lightly cooking the breast and slow cooking the legs yields the finest results for this bird. In this incarnation, we are using a roasted duck leg confit with a light soy-honey brushing, scallion corn cake and baby bok choy with clementines.

Here, I have taken duck legs and have attempted to treat them like a whole duck would have been prepared. Eating them straight out of the oven was comparable to having a traditional whole Peking duck. However, trying to hold them for service or refrigerating them for service yielded a less than exceptional product.

We served these in a semi-classical style with scallions, hoisin sauce and a scallion crepe in lieu of the traditional pancake.